Presentation Time!


That was nerve-racking but we did it!

Our presentation on formal and informal spaces in our university as a learning place went really well, better than expected. I was very nervous the night before when Cenk,Katie and I were going through our presentation with each  other via our phones, working out who was saying what and when. Indeed the nerves were kicking in already. I eventually got to sleep and woke feeling even more nervous. The train journey in was a sweaty one at the least! Going over our power point on my phone to keep it all fresh in my head.

Presentation time was here. We watched the other presentations…(my nerves increasing by the minute,waiting for our turn to arrive)….I’m thinking wow these presentations are good. We did not just watch. We had to mark all the presentations including our own..example of marks…clear introduction, agenda, and so on. Our turn arrives. By this time Katie,Cenk and I had given our words of encouragement to each other and were now abandoning our lecture seats to take what seemed to be a very long walk down the stairs to the ‘speaking spot’. I had all I needed and wanted to say in my head, as soon as I look up and see all these eyes staring back at me …every single word completely disappeared from my head. I could not remember if relax meant relax…I needed to relax! I did thanks to the help and support from Cenk and Katie. It was my turn to speak after Katie and Cenk and wow them guys did good. I soon realised I would not only be letting myself down by letting the nerves get the better of me, I would also be letting Cenk and Katie down. I couldn’t live with that. So ….I did it……yep..I forgot what I wanted to say but the main points were there and my team looked happy with that. Our presentation was a bit shorter than most but I believe we were concise and straight to the point . Something I noticed with the other presentations, there was  a lot of waffling ….which can become a bit er ..boring. So keeping ours to the point was the best thing for us…hopefully we had the whole room engaged till the end.

I feel our presentation went well and I am happy with the outcome. Proud of all the students..especially my team. We did good!  We all did good!

I am now off to read Home from home, youth belonging and place, Les Back.


One thought on “Presentation Time!

  1. REALLY proud of you all! You know, I did not have to present to such a large group until I had been teaching for 12 years! Look what you did in your first year, week 7. Brilliant.
    So – the sky’s the limit for you I think! Best, Sandra S


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