Visualisation and drawing workshop.

Drawing, learning, thinking and communicating! Some of my favourite words. image Drawing: Has always been a huge part of my life. I remember in my teenage years spending a lot of my time laying on my bedroom floor, drawing, expressing myself. This was fun for me, a way I released my stresses, I guess and then.. I could escape into the land of ……whoever, wherever, doing whatever! Learning: Equally learning has been a huge part in my life too. We, in my opinion, begin to learn in the womb. We are then born, observational learning starts. Then we are packed off to nursery, infant school, juniors school, secondary ect. Learning life skills on the way..part of growing up. Learning became a huge part of my life when I realised I enjoyed learning. Thinking and Communicating: Communication is a must in all our life’s and without having at least a little think about ‘life’ …communication would be a struggle. Well I guess we could all have a deep and meaningful conversation about this weeks list of tragedies on the popular soap programmes….Have a little think about that? Blind Drawing: Great fun. We were asked to draw the person next to us …sounds easy. We did this without looking at the paper….quickly became a challenge but still fun. Our finished drawings were ..interesting. image Ontology and Epistemology…I am still thinking about that!


One thought on “Visualisation and drawing workshop.

  1. I am really enjoying your blog posts! You write with energy and enthusiasm – and wit and style…I just want to keep reading – I want to see what YOU think!
    And given how much you like drawing and art and stuff – please make this as visual as space as you want! Go for it 😀


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