Zig Zag Method.

The Zig Zag Method ……

One of many methods :/……. methods used to gather data for this, methods used to gather data for that ……surveys, interviews, mind mapping, drawing, taking photographs, the list goes on and on. It’s choosing one that I’m struggling with. One which reveals those ‘true’ answers!?!?


Indeed what to do, how to do it? Designing how I will gather data of my own, the thinking process, the planning. Choosing a method that will only provide me with performative data when I would prefer some rich qualitative data, ‘real’ answers, would be a novice mistake(I am a novice)I will avoid making this mistake by choosing my method very carefully. While having a major think about my research project the Zig Zag method came to mind. I want to share this here … it being here it won’t get lost, eaten by the ‘dog’ or forgotten.  During a lecture a few weeks back we used the Zig Zag method to chuck around our thoughts on what will help us become good educationalists..with one word. This one word said after pointing to the person you want to say it you, then the person you pointed to would then say his/her word after pointing to the next person and so on. Zig Zagging back and forth the lecture room. Allowing every voice to be heard. I like the concept of this method. This method feels very informal which allows the participants to feel comfortable and somehow feels a little like a game. A qualitative data gathering game 🙂

I think this type of method can be effective towards gathering data which holds more of those ‘real’ answers opposed to ticking boxes, having limited answer options or feeling like you are under some sort of examination(without revising). No one likes that feeling.

I want my participants to feel relaxed and comfortable to be speak openly and freely and hopefully let me hear their ‘real’ answers….to my least exciting question :/  This is why I need to make the right decision when choosing the method I will use to collect the data for my research project.Squirrel and relax


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