I was introduced to Zeega during a becoming an educationalist seminar a few months ago. www.zeega.com Take a look for yourself 🙂

Hope you enjoyed that……I won’t lie, when I heard what Zeega was ‘all about’ I thought to myself …..OK that sounds fun but do I really want to stick a whole bunch of different images, you know….fluffy cats farting rainbows, all singing all dancing say…..unicorns..rainbow coloured unicorns,running one after the other accompanied by a rubbish pop track.

No was my initial thought. So  the whole thing Zeega went in one ear and out the other. Sorry Zeega!

BUT………….Dom, one of my peers, took the time to kindly guide us (the rest of the class and Sandra) through Zeega during a conference day at London Metropolitan University. To be really honest with you when the computer I sat at was not happy to see me and refused to do anything I asked it to….I was a little happy inside and tried my best not to show that on the outside. Dom being as great as he is insisted I moved to a computer that was happy to see me. Before you know it I am on Zeega….great right!?

INDEED great!! Zeega is pretty cool….it is not as lame as I once thought it was. You have lots of ways to upload the images, music, fonts from various sites like tumblr, and upload music of your choice ….not as I thought, a few pop tracks and terrible images to pick from.

Dom made this all very fun and without Dom taking a lesson on zeega I doubt I would ever of taken that visit to zeega. Dom did awesome and I take my hat off to him. He seemed as cool as a cucumber throughout his time as ‘the teacher’. His zeega wasn’t too shabby either 🙂

So….. thanks Dom!


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