Unique Post …Phaaa!

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All students struggle,one way or the other…with essays, reading, using their time wisely and so on. The struggle I just cannot fathom is lack of financial aid offered to students.

Bettering oneself…not only for one but for all…everything I learn I pass to the next hoping the same act of selflessness…altruistic movement happens. I know …long shot..I guess I’m a dreamer. My whole point here is I am at university to not only better myself for me, to feel I have a purpose here, for others too ..to pass on what I have and continue to learn…I get the fuzziest feeling when I see a child pass on a piece of knowledge with great confidence that I, YEP…ME … had previously taught! Even the smallest of things …well to ‘us’ it’s a small thing to the little ones it’s a huge leap into adulthood…and to feel part of that fills me with fuzz 🙂

That said ….passion aside…help is far from available. Students are screaming out for a little help..however that individual needs. Students WILL be giving back….not just take…take…take…students want to give back! From my experience ..from what I hear my peers speak of….we all just want to help!

Why does it feel very much like every barrier possible is gradually being built around me….I think..no, I know I can make a good job of my degree …would be kinda cool if I could sweep my troubles to one side until my degree is complete …this leads to homelessness …this is a risk I am not going to take! So guys I guess I now put my SUPERHERO cape on and become SUPERSTICK!!! (This is my superhero type thingy name …I just made it up on the spot)

SuperStick to the rescue……images (2)


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