Draw Me A Picture :)

Read between the lines ….Read between the lines.

At uni we spoke lots about how we ‘see’ images, what we think of those images, how they make us feel. Given a few questions to answer on said image gets the mind ticking over. Analyising an image can be a struggle. Trying to understand a picture, painting or sculpture deserves a very long thinking process that should be looked at from every angle imaginable and still, the master piece may never be ‘seen’ or ‘understood’ in the same way as the artist ‘see’ it.

I decided a while back to use my research report as a way of getting people to draw their answer instead of ticking a yes or no answer box.  So the awesome lecture led by Sandra which I am reflecting on now was all about analysing images!!! Woo for me.

First I grabbed a picture, there was a variety of images. I had no idea what today was about but when I arrived, late, I noticed everyone(apart from me)had their full concentration on their picture. So I wanted one!! *stomps foot* 😉

I sat with my peers. Their pictures seemed very busy, noisy, everything going 100 mph. A street.. a very busy street with lots of people carrying baskets full of fruit.. maybe it was market day the day the picture was taken. Another was of a busy road lots of cars, a traffic jam, everyone wanting to get to the same place at the same time. My picture was of a bowl of cereal….multi coloured hoops, Cheerios maybe…can you get multi coloured Cheerios?  Anyway …..The colour was what caught my eye,reds,greens,blues,yellows all floating on a sea of milk. All having somewhat the same appearance as their neighbour yet so individual and unique at the same time.

We moved onto analysing a collage put together by some of our lecturers based around ‘FEEDBACK’ and what it meant to everyone, student or lecturer. Which was nice…off track a bit but I thought this was pretty awesome as it shows me our lecturers care about us and our essays and projects just as much as we do as students. Feedback is there for the students benefit and most of us fear feedback. I never really took the time out to think if our lecturers knew how frightening going back to a submitted essay to read how rubbish I did can be for us. How wrong was I as the collage presented to us said so  much more than what I may have thought before.

First we had to analyse the collage. Which was an eye opener, for me anyway. A good Research Report should include these steps:

  • Findings-What Who How…..describe what I am looking at. Description.
  • Discussion-What I make of these images.
  • Conclusion-What I make of images representation.
  • Recommendations-What could be improved for the future. What changes should be made and why? and how?

With lots of references to argue my methods.

Oh and to keep an open mind!

what does it all mean

Hopefully I will find out what all these pictures mean 🙂


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