Digital Me Artefact

Technology can have many different effects on people.. the young and old, the learners, the surfers, the rich and poor….wait the poor!?… Did I really just say that.?!?!?!?! Indeed I did. See.. I hit a brick wall when I started some research on a project for uni that involved the use of technology in education, I jumped in as this interests me. As technology has its ups and downs. The use of technology in education can enhance the way that individual learns. Yet at the same time can take a learner so far out of their comfort zone that the learner begins to refuse to grasp the idea of using said technology, after all technology can be a bit confusing at times and leaves me a, shall we say ….lost. So technology can enhance the way one learns but what about the barriers technology can cause. Some don’t own a smart phone or laptop and may have to ‘loan’ a device when needed (that does not sound ideal)…. Some don’t have the finances to support a WiFi connection. Financial barriers can be rather problematic for young people learning during such a digital age as learning in schools has changed slightly since I was at ‘there’ and kids are now being asked by their teachers to ‘get their phones out as unfortunately we don’t have enough iPads to go around you all today’ or ‘tonight’s homework has been set for you all on core’ (core being a program you can only access if you have an internet connection and of course a device). This is the same for university students, to access your timetable, deadlines and advisory emails you need an internet connection and a device. I guess this is not too much of a problem for a student who lives fairly close to their uni’s campus as access to a device and a connection is readily available. Student loans are not that great so maybe buying a device and WiFi connection is just not an option. Does this leave the learner to only study when in campus or at school. Technology is fast …that’s what we want, right? The answer really quick. But the question that keeps bombarding me, the question I can never seem to get a quick, simply answer to…Why do we not aid the poorer countries to have access to advanced technologies to enhance their lifestyles and societies? I simply cannot fathom this and continually rack my brain for something other than …we are selfish.

I created a poster to represent some of the highs and lows of technology within teaching. I enjoy being creative and this seemed to be an effective way to express some highs and lows that learning with technology can bring. I put my ideas down with pen to paper and wanted to create a fun fair like scene, as learning is fun, can be made fun and let’s face it many young use technology to have fun. Another thing that came to mind during my poster was how some are not aware of the dangers using the internet can bring. Young internet users are not as ‘clued up’ as they would like to think and can get themselves into something of a sticky situation if improperly used.


Study and Teach Effectively in the Digi-Verse

I began this poster down in the bottom right hand corner with the Blue Brain consisting of lots of mechanically interlocking cogs and wheels allowing the Blue Brain to process thoughts.In this case allowing these thoughts to have a clear pathway to every internet site for every thought, need or want. Each blue pathway leads to the center of the World Wide Web.Then  trailing off to the title of the poster to.. shall we say activate the thought process of Studying and Teaching Effectively in the Digi-Verse. This allows the Big Wheel to start revolving ….with some of the pros and cons to the use of technology in learning. Some are fun, some are not. Just like a fun fair ride, some are indeed very fun yet on the other hand some make me very sick. The Big Wheel has been secured by a young girl on a swinging pendulum due to the Mighty Finger of Finances giving it a gently push with one hand with the other hand grasping a text-book reading “Put your phone away in class”……”Now it’s get them out”.

I hope you enjoy the poster.

I decided that maybe this poster was …not enough. So I decided to make this poster move!

I feel this has a different effect to the motionless image as the simple movements show the to and fro motion of technology, its pros, cons, enhancement and barriers.

I hope you enjoy my moving poster  😉

Please click the link seated …this may blow your mind !! 🙂


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